For the purchase of property by foreigners need a copy of the passport translated in to Turkish and notarized

Australia, Austria , Azerbaijan, Albania, Algeria , Andorra, Angola , Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina , Afghanistan Bahamas , Bangladesh , Bahrain, Barbados , Belize , Belarus , Belgium, Benin , Ivory Coast , Bolivia , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Botswana , Brazil, Brunei , Burkina Faso , Burundi

Yes. After receiving the TAPU (ownership of the property) you will have complete ownership of the purchased property.
Foreigner is prohibited purchase of real estate in strategic zone (countryside, adjacent to the war zone territory etc.). Check belonging to a strategic zone carries Military department which is attached to the area.
Ownership of the property confirmed by a document "Tapu", issued by the " General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre".
Yes, buying a property in Turkey is the basis for issuing a residence permit to a foreign citizen.
İs possible. The Bank provides 50% of the declared cost of the property. The most popular among foreigners banks - Deniz bank, Garanti bank. For loan issue need a confirmation of monthly income.
From 2 days to 2 months, depending on the location of property. If before in this house property was bought by a foreigner, resending documents in the Military department is not required. TAPU is issued within a few days.
Yes, you can seek help from independent lawyer.
Required to pay tax on the purchase and annual tax.
Yes. In addition, the annual property insurance (DASK) is obligatory in Turkey. Optionally, you can get an additional insurance.
Yes. Real estate agency can help you to let a property for rent and perform monthly monitoring of tenants.