Costs Tapu

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Cost specified in Tapu: TL
Metre M2: M2
Tax on the purchase:   TL
Annual tax:  -  TL
*Additional costs:   TL
**Electricity, Water:   TL
***Mandatory insurance DASK (MIN):   TL
Total costs TL:  -  TL (depending on the tax)
Total costs EUR:   -   EUR (depending on the tax)
Total costs RUB:   -   RUB (depending on the tax)
*Additional costs - Payment to "General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre", Cadastral costs, Translator, Translation of the passport, Notarization translation of the passport , Photos.
**Мaximum prices for registration water and electricity subscriber numbers : Electricity - 425 TL, Water - 350 TL. Price is changing depending on the status of the property (New, Used). The cost of registration to New subscriber numbers is higher because requires installation of meters. Not necessarily registration water and electricity supply immediately after receiving Tapu. The company charges an extra fee for the service registration of water and electricity, charges are not included in the costs of Tapu.
***The mandatory insurance DASK - price is changing depending on the area, ground floor apartments, age of the house, etc. Price min 100 tl max 470 tl.